"You can’t control what you can’t measure” goes the old engineers’ maxim. Traditionally, energy users let their utility providers measure their energy spending, while they themselves record the cost only when the bill arrives.

Aabo solutions let you take control of your energy costs by measuring your energy consumption in real time.


Aabo Cloud Meter

Electricity meter that you can access from your browser or a mobile device, in real time. Simple and easy deployment, and an intuitive user interface. Easily monitor one meter, or one thousand of them. Suitable for home users, as well as large corporates with portfolios of built assets.

Aabo Cloud Lighting

Cloud based Energy Management System (EMS) for public lighting. Monitor consumption in your public lighting system with unprecedented accuracy, perform analyses, forecast your energy costs, detect malfunctions and excessive losses

Aabo Platform as a service

AABO Platform As a Service is used by metering equipment manufacturers in order to add cost-effective and powerful networking capabilities to their existing smart devices -- either using our gateway devices as proxies, or installing a variant of our our open-source OS on their own gateway devices to connect to our cloud infrastructure

How aabo system works

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If you wish to monitor your home energy consumption and save money, AABO is the solution for you. Easily monitor your real time consumption, trigger events and create insightful analytics that will improve your home energy efficiency. Our solution is perfect for smart homes and real estate companies.


AABO system allows scalability so you can monitor energy consumption on portfolio of assets through our AABO Cloud. You can input unlimited amount of data points and customize our software solution based on your needs. If you need enterprise EMS solution for your office building, factory plant or "Brick and mortar" facilities - AABO is the perfect match for you.

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Each City (City government) aims to raise life standard while optimizing costs, and AABO solution offers exactly that. Real-time detection of anomalies in system of public lighting affects cost reduction of whole system and increase services to citizens. I especially like the inventory management functionality (type of equipment, service life, the duration of the warranty, service intervals tec.) that dramatically simplifies and accurately defines the required future maintenance.

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Igor Galir, IT advisor in City of Osijek

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